Roberson’s Amnesty Plan


ROBERSON VOTES FOR RESOLUTION SUPPORTING AMNESTY FOR LAWBREAKERS: Establishment candidate State Senator Michael Roberson voted for a resolution asking Congress to pass Amnesty and to ensure a “path to legalization” for illegal immigrants. Senate Joint Resolution 21, 5/20/2013.

ROBERSON AUTHORS BILL FOR SANCTUARY AND LICENSES FOR LAWBREAKERS: State Senator Michael Roberson even co-wrote the bill that gives Nevada drivers licenses to thousands of illegal immigrants, and includes a sanctuary law that protects the lawbreakers – not us. Read the full bill here: SB 303. Michael Roberson even killed a voter ID law to protect the integrity of our elections.

Danny Tarkanian believes America should be national of laws. He supports building a strong border wall and immigration tracking systems for those who overstay their visas.

The establishment has chosen their AMNESTY candidate Michael Roberson – CLICK HERE to support constitutional conservative Danny Tarkanian for Congress now.