Voter Fraud Alert: “Ending Spending” is trying to buy our Nevada election. It’s actually a front group for the Washington establishment.

Who is “ENDING SPENDING?”  Don’t be fooled by their clever name. It’s a fraud.
 “ENDING SPENDING” is actually a Washington establishment front group trying to buy our Nevada election by attacking Nevada’s Constitutional conservative Danny Tarkanian with last-minute smears.  Click: The FACTS about the dark money smear ads.
 Voter Fraud Alert

This Washington establishment SuperPAC is spending over a million dollars trying to prop up big government candidate Michael Roberson with these slick, misleading TV ads.

These big government Washington money bundlers are attacking Danny Tarkanian because he is the ONLY candidate who will take on their comfortable status quo by voting to STOP Amnesty, REPEAL Common Core and END the reckless Washington spending and borrowing from China.

Here’s what real conservatives are saying about Danny Tarkanian

  • National Taxpayer groups say Danny Tarkanian is “the Tax Fighter Nevadans need in Congress.”
  • Danny Tarkanian is supported by Nevada Right to Life.
  • Danny Tarkanian received the NRA’s highest possible rating: A-q.
  • Danny Tarkanian is endorsed by Nevada’s leading Veterans groups.
Conservatives: Don’t be fooled by “ENDING SPENDING’s” dirty ad campaign smearing Nevada Conservative Danny Tarkanian.
It’s just a Washington front group trying to buy a Nevada election.