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5 apps to create your own music:

Are you a sound professional? Or an amateur/amateur who keeps imagining rhythms wherever he goes? Anyway, if music is your passion, do not forget to try these 5 music apps that offer you a multitude of options to let your imagination fly and encourage you to create your own music especially current trivia music that is very famous nowadays.

In this article, we will tell you five different applications that are best for you. You can create music with the help of these applications. All the applications are given below

SoundScaper, your experimental laboratory to carry:

The creators of SoundScaper define it as “an experimental mini-laboratory for the creation of unusual sound landscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on ideas about the manipulation of sound toys (circuit bending)”.

It is an application at a professional level that offers functionalities as if it were a professional studio to create unusual sound atmospheres.

Voice Band; create songs with your voice:

If you are one of those who do not stop creating rhythms in your head at all hours, this is your application to not let any idea escape wherever you are. And best of all, you only need your mobile and your voice.

Voice Band converts any sound you emit into an instrument (guitar, bass, sax, organ or drums) and all in real-time.

The ‘Autopitch’ function will help you keep tuning, plus you have an adjustable scale and a metronome. Creating music has never been so easy!

Music Maker Jam, create your music without complications:

If you don’t have time to devote to more advanced music software, this app will be a solution for you.

With Music Maker Jam you can choose a base for your song from a super varied catalog of no less than 100 styles.

You can even combine different genres within the same song. It also has a large variety of loops and an 8-channel mixer to make all the variations and modifications you want.

Without a doubt an intuitive and professional option for you, in my opinion this option is best for you.

AAS Objeq, realistic percussion at the touch of a finger:

Another way to let your musical creativity fly is this application to create percussion with sounds generated with your fingers on a horizontal base (a table, for example).

The concept is simple: the microphone that integrates your device will pick up the hits and Objeq is responsible for generating tones that remind of different types of instruments. Isn’t it great?

Incredibox, your next musical addiction:

This application makes you an orchestra conductor of a human-beatbox group and (this is not a joke) once you try it you will see that you cannot stop.

Each member of your beatbox band generates different sounds, within each genre, with which you can make multiple and addictive combinations, some of them will unlock predefined choruses that complement your creation perfectly.

It should be noted that the graphics are impeccable and very original. Suitable for both geeks and amateurs. Don’t stop trying it!

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