I’ve been a businessman for twenty years which makes me an easy target for selective and misleading political attacks like the ones in these malicious ads. Here are the facts – During the 1980’s and 1990’s,  I was a minority partner in several partnerships owning real property. On a few occasions, the majority owner failed to pay the quarterly property taxes on time and had to pay a nominal penalty. On one occasion, I was the majority partner and I was late paying the quarterly tax. The partnership was fined a couple hundred dollars. The ads assertion that I “failed to pay” is completely false.  All property taxes were paid. On the rare occasion they were late, all late payments were paid as well.

Get the Facts: Attack ads rehashing attacks that a Nevada court found not just false, but defamatory

The desperate DCCC is launching yet another smear ad attempting to link me to a 20-year-old telemarketing scam targeting seniors, even though a Nevada court has already ruled that allegations that I was somehow involved aren’t just false – those allegations are defamatory. The true facts are this: 20 years ago as a young lawyer, my practice included filing incorporation documents for hundreds of businesses. I had nothing to do with running them or advising them. One of these businesses – without my knowledge – became involved in a senior scam that I have strongly condemned. Not only did I have no involvement in the scam, a Nevada court agreed and found that another politician’s allegations that I was involved were false and amounted to defamation. The court awarded me $150,000 in defamation damages. Now these Washington money groups are smearing me again by rehashing the same legally defamatory charges. They hope voters won’t know the truth. It shows how low Washington PACs will go to smear political opponents.

Reject the Washington SuperPAC Ad Smears

By now you may have seen the Washington SuperPAC attack ads against me that are full of distortions and flat-out false statements. That’s par for the course in Washington, but here are the facts:

I’m a businessman. I invest and take risks that sometimes fail. During the real estate crash, the bank from which I had borrowed money for an investment failed, and was taken over by the FDIC. The FDIC is an insurance fund paid into by banks – not taxpayers. Myself and several other investors lost everything. I filed bankruptcy in 2012 to protect my home and eventually negotiated a settlement that has been paid off. I’ve been open with voters and given countless interviews on this subject.

As the Review-Journal reported – NO taxpayer money was involved in any way. The taxpayers were held harmless, and I started again from zero. So any allegation that my debts or taxes were paid by taxpayers is false and a smear.

As everyone knows, I’m persistent. I kept working at it and I’ve rebuilt my business and have developed a commercial park that houses Nevada businesses and their employees. And my wife and I have founded two charities for Nevada children, including one I’m particularly proud of that raises pediatric stroke awareness. Whether or not you support me, I recommend visiting

Our family has given back more to our Southern Nevada community, which is why polls show I’m leading Jacky Rosen by double digits. I hope you will ignore these smears and join my campaign to restore the American Dream for all of us.