Advice On How To Make The Most of Stone in Your Home

The latest applications include resin-bonded sheets of pebbles, patterns cut into stone with powerful water jets, and enormous baths carved from a single block. While smooth stone surfaces look coolly modern in minimalist interiors, aged-stone artefacts provide decorative texture and a sense of history in contemporary spaces. Carrying garden statuary inside, using stone balusters as lamp bases, or contrasting ancient stone tablets with modern vases or lighting creates a characterful, individual effect…


Stone columns or a weathered stone bench can look fantastic inside but, if your floor cannot take the weight of real stone, furniture with a stone finish is a good alternative. Try marble or plaster paint effects, or combine a stone-effect piece with real stone accessories. Beautiful linen and silk fabrics in delicate lilacs and pinks soften the look, adding a welcome element of comfort and warmth.


Smooth soapstone bowls and marble tealight holders from the high street are an easy way to update a room with a touch of stone. If you want an architectural centrepiece with a rugged outdoor appeal, make the salvage yard your hunting ground.

Flooring & worktops

Stone is a natural for kitchens and bathrooms – from matt slate and limestone, travertine and granite to polished marble and glossy onyx. Choose from a huge range of colours, markings and textures.

A reputable supplier can advise about which materials are appropriate (some scratch easily, while others aren’t suitable for bathrooms or showers) and also maintenance. Some suppliers offer specialist installation.

Granite is ideal for scratch-resistant worktops but needs sealing to prevent stains. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners.

Limestone is suitable for kitchen floors and bathroom surfaces but it does need sealing.

Marble is softer and more absorbent than granite but good for splashbacks, pastry-making surfaces and floors. Clean with a mild detergent and rinse well.

Onyx may not be especially durable, but glossy onyx tiles and vanity tops add glamour to a bathroom. Seal often.

Slate’s matt surface makes it slip-resistant on kitchen floors. Specialist cleaners are advisable and sealing is required.