Danny Tarkanian Raises Almost $350,000 in Q3

Danny Tarkanian, the grassroots candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, raises almost $350,000 in Q3

Las Vegas, NV…Danny Tarkanian, the conservative and grassroots choice for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District is excited to announce he raised nearly $350,000 for his first fundraising quarter of the cycle and is carrying forward upwards of $335,000 cash on hand.

Tarkanian issued the following statement in regards to his early fundraising success:

“Amy and I are incredibly thankful for the tremendous investment our supporters have made in my candidacy… While my opponent continues to represent the big government, tax raising policies of the establishment in our party I stand ready to take off the gloves and fight for the core conservative principles that many in Carson City and Washington seem to have forgotten. Thank you again to those who are supporting our campaign and I promise each of you that we will continue to run a lean, mean and aggressive effort in order to bring true conservative reform to represent the wonderful men and women of Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.”

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