The FACTS about the Dark Money Smear Ads

This election is about securing our borders and returning America to its Constitutional principles. But a dark money PAC out of Washington is smearing me, hoping to split the conservative vote and elect Michael Roberson and his support for amnesty, common core and higher taxes.

It’s the Washington way to smear conservatives and our values. It’s time to take on these smears directly.

Here are the facts:

Politicians like Michael Roberson raise special interest money to keep their jobs while betraying the voters who elected them. Then they vote for higher taxes and amnesty.  It’s a disgrace.

I’m a businessman.  Like the rest of us, I work in the real world and invest and take risks that sometimes fail.  During the real estate crash, the bank from which I had borrowed money for an investment failed, and was taken over by the FDIC.  The FDIC is an insurance fund paid into by banks – not taxpayers. Myself and several other investors lost everything.  I filed bankruptcy in 2012 to protect my home and eventually negotiated a settlement that has been paid off.

As the Review-Journal reported – NO taxpayer money was involved in any way.  The taxpayers were held harmless, and I started again from zero. So any allegation that my debts or taxes were paid by taxpayers is false and a smear.

I’ve been open with voters and given countless interviews on this subject.  The ad is false and a Washington dark money smear meant to split the conservative vote to elect Michael Roberson. The secret funders of these smears simply hope that I don’t have the resources to respond. That’s why they won’t disclose their donors. And that’s why it’s called a smear.

As everyone knows, I’m persistent.  I kept working at it and I’ve rebuilt my business and have developed a commercial park that houses Nevada businesses and their employees.  And my wife and I have founded two charities for Nevada children, including one I’m particularly proud of that raises pediatric stroke awareness.  Whether or not you support me, I recommend visiting

Our family has given back more to our Southern Nevada community than all these politicians combined, which is why polls show I’ve already received thousands of votes and have the lead. This Washington SuperPAC that refuses to disclose its donors hopes that these last minute smears will split the conservative vote and elect Michael Roberson.  I urge conservatives to continue to reject Michael Roberson and his Washington dark money backers by voting for me on Election Day, so we can get America back to secure borders and Constitutional principles.