How you Can Perform Custom Design Embroidery Digitizing as an Expert?

No matter whether you are a beginner in the field of digitizing or working in it for the last so long time, you keep on learning something new and learn to master. In the effort to learn something new all the time, you miss out to learn about the basics of custom design embroidery digitizing!  Someone has said it right that only a strong foundation can hold a sustainable structure successfully. The same is the case with embroidery. Just at the point when you start understanding the ins and outs of a simple design, you can go ahead and offer your clients flawless embroidery designs.


Therefore here we have brought up some simple and easy to follow step by step guide to learn about single color designing in Custom Design Embroidery Digitizing. As you are all done with it, you can step ahead and later on improvise to so many different color options to your customers that register with utmost efficiency.


  • To start with the design, you will first of all need tracing the outline of the design. You should be using the run tool, or you can also run stitches on top of it. You need to require the place where you have to add the stitches and set the stitching length. This process is known as punching the design. The main purpose is all about creating the entire design in one go, without any trims in between.
  • As you are embroidery digitizing with some single color designing, it is important to make sure that you have the shorter stitch length than the rest of the design just as around corners and areas. This can be all done all through the fine detailing for crisp registration.
  • To get a single trim at the end, you might be in need to digitize bottom-up, or even to center out. The center out method will be perfect to work for caps and jacket backs. This is for the reason that it might automatically reduce the push.
  • As we have already mentioned to you, the length of smaller stitches is much helpful in creating the sharp edge corners. It brings finer detailing too. This might be adding to the number of stitches that are being used in the design.
  • Make sure you communicate with the client. It might be possible that you omit specific details from the original design, as they are too small to recreate.
  • As you are all done with the punching of Custom Design Embroidery Digitizing, you have to add satin stitches to trace out the entire design and hence make it more prominent.