Read my latest oped on defending our Second Amendment rights.

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In my 2012 campaign, I received an A from the Nevada Firearms Coalition, headed by one of freedom’s fiercest friends Don Turner. And I want to thank my good friend Bob Irwin for his strong statement in recognition of my own efforts to fight for our God-given freedoms:

“I am a Benefactor NRA member and NRA law enforcement instructor. I am also the proprietor of The Gun Store in Las Vegas for the past 35 years. There are few political figures in Nevada I trust more to defend citizens’ rights under the Second Amendment than Danny Tarkanian. We have been friends for years and he is a staunch conservative who I believe will make a great Congressman. No candidate will work harder for the future of all Nevadans!”

The challenges and threats ahead are many. Let’s continue the fight together in defense of our freedoms.

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