Michael Roberson’s Historic Tax Flip Flop


“Establishment favorite” Michael Roberson FLIP FLOPPED on the tax pledge he made to voters,and became the BIGGEST TAX HIKER in Nevada history.

In 2010, Michael Roberson campaigned on a promise to voters he would oppose “any and all efforts to increase taxes.” But after he was elected, Michael Roberson led the charge for $1.5 billion in new taxes – the largest tax increase in Nevada history. The Nevada legislature passed 29 tax increases, and Michael Roberson voted for every single one.

Roberson created a newly-styled gross receipts-based tax, called it the “Commerce Tax,” and jammed it through the legislature – just like the one voters rejected. Then he pushed through an increase in business license fees. And he wasn’t through. Those “temporary taxes” he claimed to oppose – the higher sales taxes and payroll taxes that were scheduled to expire because they hit middle class families hardest? Not only did Michael Roberson vote to extend them – Michael Roberson voted to make them PERMANENT, along with car registration taxes and a previous hike in that payroll tax that comes out of every paycheck. Tax Hike Mike still wasn’t finished. He pushed through a massive increase in the cigarette tax, up to a $1.80 per pack – a tax so high that now the Nevada legislature is effectively addicted to smoking, too.

Constitutional conservative Danny Tarkanian believes that politicians should keep their promises to voters. He supports eliminating special interest tax breaks and cutting taxes for middle class Americans. CLICK HERE to support constitutional conservative Danny Tarkanian for Congress now.