Soccer Poems – An Ode to the Game

Soccer does not only require physical activity, it also appeals to the emotions of others especially those with strong conviction to the game. As a result of their passion, soccer poems were written to stand as a genuine witness for the authors’ love of the game.

It is apparent that both soccer players and enthusiasts were not contented just to enter the pit and play or just sit there and watch the game unfold, they also want the sport to be honored in their utmost capacity. Some players because of the admiration of the game don the game’s jerseys every time they leave their homes some carry the game’s ball wherever they were bound, some emulate the styles of their favorite player, especially the hairstyle and gestures, and some even uses the name of their favorite icons as their nicknames.

Some soccer enthusiasts who were not contented still of doing these things does exhibit ingenuity by writing verses like the one given below. This poem is written by a hardcore enthusiast. Just read her lines xem bong da truc tuyen below for it clearly show everything in her.

Here is one example of so many verses or poems written by Jacinta Mary Ramayah from Malaysia;


When God deigns to watch soccer

He sits on the fence

While you clasp your palms in prayer

He looks askance.

The referee mouths his whistle

He rules the verdict on the field

While the player, in despair, knows

To his card, he has to yield.

The spectators scream in frenzy

And the fans ape their heroes

While the arena is ablaze

With a kaleidoscope of painted faces.

Cries of ‘goal’ fill the air

It’s a month of living soccer

While, at last, the winners hold the Cup high

The losers gasp in disbelief and horror.

Four years of waiting has to pass

For this season to come round again

While the players run and sweat

Both punters and rookies hope to make a gain.

The poem clearly shows the author’s knowledge of the game especially the World Cup for the topic is obviously speaking about the competition. Soccer poems may only be known for those who love the game but one thing is for sure, it still exhibits the feeling of the one who wrote it. Anything you write truly reflects the person you are, it is a mirror that somebody looks at when they want to know you deep inside.